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and I'm one of them

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Phoenix in Flight
13 November 1980
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Brooke --- Pittsburgh --- college grad from Pitt, Masters grad from Chatham --- I am somewhat interesting and have somewhat interesting friends, and entirely interesting cats
100 demons, 25 ta life, 43 urban, 86 mentality, adamantium, agnostic front, alice in chains, all out war, angel crew, asherah, bad brains, beastie boys, billyclub sandwich, biohazard, blood for blood, blood in/blood out, built upon frustration, bulldoze, buried alive, burn it down, burn the priest, by my hands, candiria, cast aside, cataract, cease to breath, circle of dead children, clenched fist, coalesce, cock sparrer, codeseven(old), converge, creepout, cro mags, crowbar, crowd deterrent, curl up and die, david is burning, day of mourning, dead and buried, death, death before dishonor, death threat, decapitated, depeche mode, disciple, discipline, disembodied, dodgin bullets, donnybrook, dropkick murphys, dysphoria, earth crisis, everybody gets hurt, examination of the..., fear, fight night, first blood, flogging molly, folsom, frank sinatra, gut instinct, h804, hamartia, harvest, helmet, holyghost, homicidal, hoods, how it ends, indecision, integrity, iron age, iron maiden, johnny cash, journey, judge, knuckledust, last resort, leavenworth, led zeppelin, leeway, losers sometimes win, mad season, madball, merauder, murphy's law, mushmouth/out to win, nailbomb, napalm death, narcissus, no innocent victim, no redeeming social value, no retreat, pale horse, pantera, pound for pound, pride kills, pulling teeth, punishment, queen, red tops, redline, refused, repercussion, sepultura (old), set ablaze, sham 69, shark attack, shattered realm, sheer terror, shockwave, short of breath, sick of it all, skarhead, slapshot, slugfest, slumlords, snapcase, spudmonsters, steel nation, stout, strength for a reason, suffocate faster, swear to god, sworn enemy, sworn vengence, terror, the doors, the police, the red chord, the takeover, through the discipline, torn in two, trash talk, trial, turmoil, under one flag, unreal city, until the end, victim, walls of jericho, warzone, white zombie, will to live, wisdom in chains, zao

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