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Its been too long

since I've updated --- my apologies dearest LJ, Chelle, Jen....pretty sure that's the only two who read this (maybe Tess?)

anyway, 2010 is going well --- had a really fun time last weekend in Baltimore and Washington DC -- I shall detail it as follows:

- had the pleasure of being passenger in my car for once as Rob offered to drive down to Baltimore, driving directly into the sun to boot
- I permitted Rob to wear the coveted Summer of H8 sunglasses only because of this offering, we re-named them Winter of Discontent sunglasses for this trip only

- met up with Danny, Tony, Brian, TT, and Sebastian upon getting to Baltimore - I have never been so enamored by another human being as I am by Sebastian - he is downright adorable, always smiling, and somehow always drunk when I see him
- Slumlords and NRSV were good times as per usual, Thor was just.....odd...and a little sad....
- finally got a chance to crash on the couch at Charles and Amy's place - that thing RULES
- Saturday Rob somehow convinced me to drive to DC (less than an hour away granted) and so a random roadtrip was begun
- went to Museum of Natural History and the Museum of American History - Rob would not touch a hissing cockroach, we were both disappointed by the size of the Hope diamond, and I never found out "was this baby swaddled to death?"

- drove back up to Baltimore after eating at the coolest place in DC, Ben's Chili Bowl - I never felt so white, yet so soulful, in my life - I don't see how either of us were able to move after eating there
- got into the show with no problem thanks to Gray Ghost - Seraphim was really really good, Gray Ghost ruled, Ringworm killed it, and Integrity had a surprisingly good set
- spent the night at Hayes' house cuddling with Chelsea, talking about 500 random things, watching the rest of the party get drunk and high, and staring endlessly at Mr.Man
- breakfast brought Baltimore Benedicts which gave us all boners

I just got back from handing in my Chestnut Hill PsyD application and am happy to have that stress off my shoulders -- I can only hope I get called in for an interview -- it's an incredibly small number of applicants they accept in the end, so my fingers are tightly crossed
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