Phoenix in Flight (sheeplove) wrote,
Phoenix in Flight

PsyD, let's fucking do this

somehow, some way, I've been accepted by Chestnut Hill's PsyD program. The reality of this hasn't set in fully yet. I celebrated by blaring Life of Agony down 76 on the way home from work.

Weekend overall ruled:
- Killing Time and Cro Mags in Baltimore were sooooo good
- seeing everyone at the Baltimore show was fantastic as always
- made it to first base with Brian, partially against my will
- sushi with Tad ruled
- dancing/singing at the bar on Friday was awesome
- puking repeatedly following said bar experience was not
- witnessing Rob and friends try to get me to talk to random bar guy was both adorable and awkward
- not being able to watch Justin's Randy Macho Man Savage DVDs made me sad
- Jen losing bodily function, and I'll leave it at that
- Hard Ticket to Hawaii, us literally screaming with laughter
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