Phoenix in Flight (sheeplove) wrote,
Phoenix in Flight

I stare at this thing nearly every day

and tell myself "I just write something down" but never do

got a promotion at work - so far so good, lots more paperwork --- well, different paperwork. It's nice to be in one office all week, I don't miss driving around all that much

Spent the weekend at Wharton - took guys outside for both groups, got myself a nice little tan.....well, tan for me at least

went to the art museum by myself yesterday afternoon and honestly had a really nice time -- I was slightly sad though because the Picasso exhibit was extra, so I passed

tattooed last weekend at the Philly Convention which was noted in both Myspace and Facebook forms -- I need more $$ in my life to make future Jesse Strother ventures a possibility

I have been diving into the realm of short shorts..............I dunno, huge change for me that I'm still getting used to

it's bad when I base my chances of landing a man on the shorts I chose to wear
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