Phoenix in Flight (sheeplove) wrote,
Phoenix in Flight

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hello stranger

I have lost any and all motivation to update LJ --- I doubt I'll ever be able to put it to rest fully, but my momentum for it has clearly lost steam

had a impromptu root canal yesterday, fun times

tomorrow I head to Long Island for my first show in NY ever -- surprised it's taken me 10+ years --- excited to see Bulldoze as always, have what I'm sure will be epic conversations with Eddie Leeway, see Jason and maybe some other Pittsburgh folk, and perhaps cover someone's bed in drool......we shall see

spent the afternoon at Wharton to complete DC audits --- part of me definitely misses it there -- it was super nice to walk up the steps and hear all the clients happily scream "hey Brooke!" --- who knew jail bird addicts could make me feel so welcome

I played fetch with Skuttles tonight and it was highly adorable ---- I'm staying in tonight despite 2 date offers, what a world
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