Phoenix in Flight (sheeplove) wrote,
Phoenix in Flight

new Deftones + work

today was a day at work that turned quickly following two staff "meetings"

I am surrounded, to a certain degree, by complete idiots -- people who allow poor management to continue, people who don't do their job as they're supposed to do, people who are not clinically capable

I hit a point this afternoon that I could only think about walking into my head boss's office and calmly saying "go fuck yourself"

my hope is that I will last there until September when the PsyD program begins -- I know today is not like other days at work, but my frustration levels are slowly building each week

in other news, I picked up the new Deftones album -- first commercial album I've actually bought in yeeeeeears - fantastic

I listened to "Sex Tape" 4 times in a row on the drive home to help calm down - I also got lost driving home a different way, which landed me on Upper Gulph Road, which had me driving past huuuuge mansions - also:
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