Phoenix in Flight (sheeplove) wrote,
Phoenix in Flight

3 shows in 3 days

first and foremost, one hell of a weekend

Jen came to visit starting on Thursday night - from pickup until lights out, a million laughs were had - also received the most epic tshirt ever (at least in the non-deer shirt vein) - "nothing..EVERYTHING"

Friday: escaped work early before mentally flipping shit -- met up with Jen and Rob at the tattoo shop - enjoyed sushi with the playoff-beared Rob, and was mildly dainty eating......mildly...........the night was spent down in Baltimore (how could we pass up Hyphen offering a ride) - saw manly men and skanky hos on the streets -- Sand (from Japan) was excellent and adorable - at one point, the singer was up on someone's shoulders and went face first into a ceiling fan - Dan Craley had the quote of the night: "Danny Sherman you better get the fuck out of town, cause the lady in the red dress is clearly runnin' thaaangs" -- I drove part of the way home in Hyphen's Volvo - Jen had a gem as we dipped into sleepy delirium, "I could face fuck a Waffle House right now"

Saturday: finally made it to Kildaire's to eat - if I liked Guiness, this would be the place for me as they have Guiness ice cream floats -- the entire afternoon was spent napping - the night led to a trip up to Quakertown - I was literally old enough to be the mother to some of the kids in attendance -- it was honestly adorable to watch them jokingly push each other into the mix, then man up and fully participate - also realized that the singer for The Rival Mob is a Monet -- the night progressed into a certain someone playing for an hour with Cash - please ask Jen about the rest of the nights events ("play Paparazzi, it's fitting, it's fitting"

Sunday: I ate a salad at Maggiano's -- that's right, a salad --- show RULED (Stout, Truth and Rights, WIC, Breakdown) - witnessed Eddie "Edway" Sutton brushing his teeth longer than anyone in history - bought Vogel a drink as he sat in the corner alone - enjoyed a happy Tad, witnessed Dougie beatboxing with Karl, ate an ice cream cone during WIC, admiried NASE's bright green hat --- Sunday night was spent watching Jen watching the Lost finale (hilarious in its own way) - night was crowned as I wowed Jen with my dancing to "Teach me how to Dougie" - neither of us could breath, I ended up down on the floor, and I'm fairly certain we both lost a good number of calories
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another LOL quote that popped into my head while at work:
"high five!"
"I'm sorry... but I know where your hands have been."